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India improves fixed broadband speed rankings: Here is where it stands according to Ookla

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India recorded a fixed broadband download speed of 20.72Mbps, says Ookla’s Global Speedtest Index for the month of February 2018.

Ookla, the well-known speed test app for mobile and fixed broadband internet, has placed India at number 67 when it comes to fixed broadband speeds. Ookla’s report for the month of February 2018 showed that India had a marked improvement when it came to fixed broadband speed for a populous country. Previously Ookla’s Global Speedtest Index had ranked India at number 76 in the month of November of 2017 when it came to fixed broadband speeds.

The Ookla report shows a rise in fixed broadband download speeds from 18.82 Mbps from November to the current speed of 20.72Mbps. Meanwhile, the upload speeds for the broadband segment have also risen to 16.09Mbps, up from 15Mbps in 2017. Still, both figures stand below the global averages of 42.71Mbps and 20.39 for fixed broadband download and upload speeds respectively.

Also included in the report are the statistics for India’s mobile broadband speeds. With an unchanged rank of 109 in this category, Ookla reports that India’s mobile download and upload speeds stand at 9.01Mbps and 3.66Mbps respectively. The global averages for downloads and uploads on the mobile internet are 22.16Mbps and 9.01Mbps respectively.

Both speeds are recorded by Ookla globally through the results of its Speedtest app. These numbers follow statistics that ranked Chennai as the Indian city with the fastest broadband download speed recorded at 32.67Mbps. Other well-performing cities include Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi. Mumbai registered the lowest broadband speed among metros at 12.07 Mbps.

The rankings for the Global Speedtest Index of February 2018 were topped by Singapore and Norway. While Singapore registered a fixed broadband download speed of 161.53Mbps, Norway recorded the highest broadband speed over mobile networks with a speed of 62.07Mbps.

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