Indian Tech 

Olacabs officially launches ride-hailing services in Sydney, Australia

This is the second official launch after Perth in Australia for Olacabs, the Indian ride-sharing service Indian ride sharing and aggregator service Olacabs has officially launched in Sydney, Australia. This is the second city in Australia that the company has rolled out to, as part of its first venture outside of India. As part of its inaugural effort, Ola has stated that its first riders can avail “free rides”, while its driver-partners will be privy to “new earnings programs, community town-halls, fuel offers and other vehicle services.” Olacabs began its first round…

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Globle Tech 

Ford’s patent suggests using drones as surrogate car sensors

So when your car breaks down, a drone can land on top of your car and use its own array of sensors to temporarily replace the damaged one in the car. We are still some time away from sensor-laden cars being all over the market, but it is only a matter of time. When it does happen, car makers will have their work cut out to ensure quick repairability and durability of the car’s sensors, as even one malfunctioning sensor can prove fatal in the autonomous spread. While this problem…

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