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About 84% of Indians share passwords with partners: McAfee

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A McAfee report about trends of sharing details of private accounts between partners has indicated that almost 50 percent of partners have spied on their other half’s social media accounts.

A McAfee study shows that 84 percent of Indians share their passwords with their partners. In a survey of 600 adults conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore during November 2017, 77 percent of respondents also claimed that the use of technology got in the way of their relationships.

Despite 89 percent participants saying that privacy in a relationship is important, 84 percent have said they have shared their personal passwords and PINs with their partners. As many as 81 percent people claimed that spending too much time on their devices got them into arguments with their close friends and relatives. While 70 percent respondents said they felt the need to disclose their relationship on social media, 58 percent also felt that dating apps and websites benefit them greatly.

When it comes to setting parameters around device usage,  20 percent Indians claimed to have set rules about device usage when together, while 32 percent said it didn’t matter. The survey also shows that 45 percent of people surveyed said they have spied on their partner’s social media accounts or connected devices. McAfee also indicates that 60 percent people share online shopping account details, 42 percent share streaming services particulars and 41 percent people also reveal personal email passwords. The survey also shows that 38 per cent people have shared sensitive information such as banking and financial services accounts with their partners,  while 38 percent agreed to reveal information from work specific devices.

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